Take it to the market

Build a project you can take to the market quickly.

Build it correctly

Build your website or application correctly the first time around.

Stay on budget

The price we agree to will not change unless your project requirements change.

Speedy Services

I am honest with you with what I can and can not build as well as the timeframe.

Build an eCommerce site that generates sales.

Unlike large companies that come with a large budget and a even bigger timeframe, freelancers are quicker and more feasible.

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My Working process

This is the general process I use to create anything from a small marketing page to a sophisticated website.

Project Research

I research your competitors in order to find out the do's and do not's of your niche.

Project demostration

I will go over your platform with you to be sure all agreed features are included.

Development & delivery

Do not worry about what to do once your project is complete, I can help migrate your application.

Web Services

My skill sets include LAMP development, alongside with UX / UI design and ethical hacking experience. I develop web based and mobile applications using JS framework. You can reach me at +1 (872) 239-4121? and I can refer peers from 100bots.com if ever needed a more competitive budget or timeframe..

Creative Design

There is a thin line between distracting and creative, we can be sure you stay on the right side.

Web Development

I can build you anything from a WordPress or Drupal site, to a custom AngularJS web applicaiton.

Digital Marketing

Never worry about your online prescene again, use your online prescene to increase reputation and conversions.

Graphic Design

Using graphics are really encouraged, it's the difference between a website and information on a page.

App Development

I can develop a hybrid app for you in AngularJS and ionic, please ask about my latest app development projects.

Wordpress Installation

I can help you get started with WordPress today, right now. Ask me how I can help you build a WordPress site that is SEO friendly.

My prices are competitive

I can develop anything from a small marketing page to a sophisticated website.

Basic website


  • WordPress
  • Drupal
  • HTML5
  • Up to 10 pages
  • Assistance with domain purchase
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Web application


  • AngularJS
  • Custom LAMP websites
  • MySQL, NoSQL, MongoDB
  • Database management and integration
  • SSL installation
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Hybrid application development


  • Ionic for iOS
  • AnjularJS for Android
  • Upload to app store
  • Cloud hosting
  • Modern framework
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The difference between a failing business and a successful one : sales.
Are you profitable?

Whether your business is profitable or not is what determines the failure or success of your business.

Don't get stuck in the development phase. I can make sure your plan is solid, strategic and comparable to your competitors.

Project: social networking

I can build custom fully featured social networking platforms, MakeGayFriends.com is an example of one that I developed.

Project: business portals

I have developed many business portals, CEOCapitalNetwork.com organically ranks very high on Google.com and converts members daily organically.

Project : Marketing

Product development is the first step in marketing. I can help you integrate your marketing stragey into your product so you can be competitive when you go to market.

Develop it right, the first time.

Work with someone who you can communicate easily with.

When most startups develop their application, all too often the budget takes priority. Be sure you have a realistic budget or you will be looking for something that is too good to be too and this is how most of my clients end up with something they do not want as the end result.

What can be said
about my work

Here are a few expectations you can have when starting any kind of a development project with me. Freelancers are able to accomplish most projects faster and more feasible than large companies

Testimonial author

Well designed

Images and content
I try and stay true to all templates I use and whichever guidelines are shared with me, giving you the result you expected.
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SEO friendly

Clean and correct
My coding is clean and correct, this is important to search engines. On websites, I also be sure to make your metatags easy for you to manage.
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Market ready

I deliver a complete project
I deliver complete projects, you will never have to worry that I quoted you on something I can not do.
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Mobile, TV, Tablet
All applications I build are mobile responsive as well as tablet and TV friendly as well. I follow the industry standard for web and mobile apps.
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Social presence

Find your target audience
After your site is up and running, make sure your audience knows about it!. The most cost efficient way of sharing your business with the world is through social media, I can help you get started.
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Technology Analyst

You can viw more about my Entrepreneur in Residence at Venture-Net partners by clicking http://venture-net.partners/allene-lewis/.

A few of my blog's

When most online businesses focus on marketing, convincing their audience of their product or service is where a lot of their energy is spent and WASTED. The goal is finding and attracting, a conversion is bound to happen so long as you are attracting your target audience.