Web & Cloud services

I'd love to talk about how we can help you.

Freelancers come with a better deal and complete task faster.

Backup System

I send you a back up of any completed work I do.

Cloud Hosting

AWS, Google Cloud, IBM cloud, I can help you with cloud management.

Web hosting

I can help you build a website or find the best place to host it.

CMS platforms

Is WordPress the best choice for you? I can install that or help you find a more appropriate CMS.

Social Media Presence

I can help integrate social networking APIs and develop your onlince presence to increase conversions.

Hybrid Applications

I can develop hybrid applications that you can easily deploy in iOS, Android, Windows, or Blackberry.

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Web Services

My skill sets include LAMP development, alongside with UX / UI design and ethical hacking experience. I develop web based and mobile applications using JS framework. You can reach me at +1 (872) 239-4121? and I can refer peers from 100bots.com if ever needed a more competitive budget or timeframe..

Creative Design

There is a thin line between distracting and creative, we can be sure you stay on the right side.

Web Development

I can build you anything from a WordPress or Drupal site, to a custom AngularJS web applicaiton.

Digital Marketing

Never worry about your online prescene again, use your online prescene to increase reputation and conversions.

Graphic Design

Using graphics are really encouraged, it's the difference between a website and information on a page.

App Development

I can develop a hybrid app for you in AngularJS and ionic, please ask about my latest app development projects.

Wordpress Installation

I can help you get started with WordPress today, right now. Ask me how I can help you build a WordPress site that is SEO friendly.

My Working process

This is the general process I use to create anything from a small marketing page to a sophisticated website.

Project Research

I research your competitors in order to find out the do's and do not's of your niche.

Project demostration

I will go over your platform with you to be sure all agreed features are included.

Development & delivery

Do not worry about what to do once your project is complete, I can help migrate your application.